Be Nice, Do Good: The Newsletter

Written By Jason VanLue
Posted on

Be Nice, Do Good has long been the mission, mantra, and philosophy of business here at Zaengle. As we continue to grow, we're excited about rolling out more initiatives around this idea. The first is pretty simple — a newsletter (do the interwebz still do newsletters these days?). We'll be writing the #BNDG newsletter twice each month, which will include interviews, resources, and inspiration to help all of us be a force for good.

Future topics include:

  • Be Nice, Do Good as a philosophy of business.
  • An interview with a leading non-profit sharing challenges that the tech community could help solve.
  • A profile piece on a developer who's making an impact in her local community.
  • Top ten tips to 10x your be-nice-do-goodedness (okay, maybe not that one).

Plus, it'll be the place we first announce some pretty awesome things that we have coming up. We think it'll be helpful, impactful, and encouraging. Won't you sign up?

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