Written By Mindy McCutcheon
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Whether you’re changing jobs, changing relationships, or changing your mindset; change can make for a wild ride. One big change for me was recently joining the Zaengle team. It was a welcomed change and I was met with open arms, which made the leap super easy. I joined a team full of talent, humor, and great human beings. I’m fortunate to have joined Zaengle during a time when we’re growing like crazy and working on suuuuper cool projects (#BeNiceDoGood).

Change is hard. Change is scary. But sometimes change is just what you need.


Since joining the Zaengle team, I’ve seen a few welcomed personal changes:

  • A tremendously decreased level of stress. No 1+ hour a day spent commuting on the freeway, dodging the terrible Utah drivers. Hellll yeaaa! Commuting on the freeway can make any sane person nuts.
  • A sense of appreciation from my team members. There’s so much positivity in our feedback and interactive process. There’s also no egocentric attitudes, which is so refreshing.  
  • A level of empowerment. There’s something about the vibe in Utah that has made me feel a little...un-empowered over the past few years. At Zaengle, our team has a tremendous level of trust in each other. We’re trusted to get our work done and communicate our needs, then set free to do our thing. The team is small still, so everyone has a critical role and there’s no room for micromanaging. My team is pretty freaking rad.  

However, not all changes come so naturally or easily. For example, I’m about to embark on a big move. I’ve spent almost ten years in Salt Lake City and felt I was ready- needed a change of scenery. Despite knowing in my heart, SLC and I have to break up (at least for a little while) deciding my next move wasn’t so easy. It’s essentially my first big solo adult move. Sure I left Michigan as a fresh faced, hard to faze 24 year old, but I didn’t yet know what I didn’t know; ignorance was bliss. After all, I was an “adult” and ready to take on the world.

This time around, I’d like to think I don’t have the same level of naivety. I’m more calculated. More prepared. Maybe...maybe not; We’ll see! I do, however have a sense of adventure and the yearning to be comfortable being uncomfortable (thank you, yoga). I know there are life lessons to learn and personal growth to be made.

Doing Good While Doing You

Part of this self discovery is trying new things and putting myself out there. I recently attended an all women’s mountain bike festival. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Meeting these women of all walks of life, it felt like a mixture of an all girls camp and women’s business conference. No matter our backgrounds, we shared one thing- our passion for shredding dirt! It was downright inspiring to hear others’ stories. One theme I walked away with was that they all took a chance, swam upstream at some point, and chased their own adventure. They were being nice and doing good, whether they realized it or not.

In helping build our Be Nice, Do Good initiative, it’s had me thinking about all my personal changes. Change doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or a huge leap of faith. Change can be small. Maybe it’s making better eye contact with people you interact with. Maybe it’s stopping as you step out of the house in the morning to take a millisecond to appreciate your surroundings. Maybe you stop to think about the small things you appreciated in your day. Being nice and doing good isn’t an event or a one-time thing. It’s a lifestyle. Be nice and do good in your community, but before you do that, you have to be nice and do good to yourself.

As my move date quickly approaches, the anxiety/excitement/fear continues to rise. Each day I try to remind myself to take a deep breath, welcome these new challenges, and keep on changing.