How Enneagram Ones and Eights Work Together

Written By Emily Hinz
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Ones and Eights both fight for justice and care about equality. They trust their instincts, seek complete honesty, and desire to see improvement in the world. Both types are quick to take action, not shying away from making bold decisions and doing what's necessary to keep things under control. Ones and Eights usually feel like they can rely upon one another to act firmly and honorably and perform at a high level.


Ones are realistic and ethical. They value direct communication and want others to be loyal and trustworthy. Centering discussions around clear directions and actionable steps comes naturally to them. They use logical and straightforward language. Eights respect the perseverance, independence, and high performance of Ones.

Eights are decisive, courageous, and direct. They usually communicate using brief, confident language. Eights are self-assured and logical and want others to be straightforward with them. Ones see Eights as intriguing, strategic, and bold. These types often have a mutual respect for one another because of their shared passion for justice and hard work.


Ones and Eights both tend to naturally take the lead and they apply their leadership in different ways, which can be a point of conflict between them. For Eights, stepping into chaos isn't alarming and sometimes might even be enjoyable because they revel in enforcing order. They take immediate action to get a chaotic situation under control and may end up overlooking details along the way. Ones prefer thoroughly analyzing the situation to start, which allows them to notice significant details and then take quick action to implement a plan. Ones might find Eights' approach too impulsive and feel agitated when details or consequences are overlooked as a result. Eights can perceive Ones as overly controlling, meticulous, and exhaustive. Neither type likes feeling controlled so they may push back, especially if they're expected to follow through with an approach they find flawed.

Hey, Ones and Eights! Does this describe how you relate to the other Ones and Eights in your workplace? What other insights have you learned about collaborating and communicating well with them? Let us know @zaengle.

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