How Enneagram Ones and Fours Work Together

Written By Emily Hinz
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Ones and Fours generally have some opposite traits and other traits that overlap. These two types are linked on the Enneagram diagram, meaning that Ones in stress take on negative qualities of Fours, while secure Fours take on positive aspects of Ones. Both can be intense and idealistic and they desire to do good. Because they’re linked on the diagram, Ones and Fours may find they have an easier time understanding one another’s motivations and challenges.


Ones are realistic and ethical. They value direct communication and want others to be loyal and trustworthy. Centering discussions around clear directions and actionable steps comes naturally to them. They use logical and straightforward language. Fours like the transparency and integrity of Ones and value their attention to detail.

Fours are sensitive, artistic, and deeply self-aware. They can be long-winded and detailed in their communication and may use more emotional language to get their point across. Fours offer a creative and expressive balance to the self-discipline and exactitude of Ones. Fours may find it helpful when Ones lend them a listening ear, which can help Fours find the clarity and practicality they need. Ones appreciate the inspiration and authenticity that Fours bring to the table. When these types learn to accept and make the most of their differences, Ones and Fours can make a remarkably productive, balanced team.


Ones and Fours can have a hard time getting on the same page because they tend to view things differently. Although both are idealists, they usually apply it in different ways. Ones are idealistic about morality and social justice, while Fours are idealistic when it comes to their own personal lives and their sense of fulfillment. Fours may see Ones’ strives for improvement as overly fault-finding and picky, but Ones think they are simply being rational. On the other hand, Ones may perceive Fours as being too subjective, self-absorbed, or moody. Both Ones and Fours can be critical and may hold onto grudges.

Hey, Ones and Fours! Does this describe how you relate to the other Ones and Fours in your workplace? What other insights have you learned about collaborating and communicating well with them? Let us know @zaengle.

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