How Enneagram Ones and Nines Work Together

Written By Emily Kassmeier
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Ones and Nines have some overlapping and distinctive qualities. They usually make a good team together and find traits in one another that they appreciate. Both types pay attention to detail, value orderliness, and seek stability. They trust their instincts, although Nines may be more likely to set their intuition aside in order to keep the peace. Ones help Nines take action, find clarity, and use direct communication, while Nines encourage Ones to slow down, lighten up, and approach their relationships gently.


Ones are realistic and ethical. They value direct communication and want others to be loyal and trustworthy. Centering discussions around clear directions and actionable steps comes naturally to them. They use logical and straightforward language. Nines appreciate the certainty and direction provided by Ones, which can help Nines feel more confident in their work.

Nines are supportive and adaptable. They prefer to go with the flow and although they have strong opinions, they're not quick to make decisions. They often communicate calmly, express gratitude often, and are careful to show consideration for others. Ones respect Nines' aptitude for developing friendly relationships and fostering an accepting atmosphere in the workplace. Ones tend to be more serious and exacting, so Nines offer a warm and mellow balance to this.


Ones are quick to form strong opinions and take action, while Nines like to take their time. Nines take a more contemplative approach, as they feel the need to consider things from all perspectives and hear out different opinions. This can frustrate Ones, who then feel like Nines' deliberation is holding them back. Ones may also regard Nines as passive or disorganized when it comes to taking initiative or showing greater responsibility over their area of work, especially when Nines are stressed. If Ones try to prod Nines to step their game, Nines will likely feel uncomfortable and retreat even further. Nines don't like being controlled or challenged and tend to resist when pushed. Their stubbornness can result in an escalating power struggle, where Ones keep provoking and Nines continue resisting.

Hey, Ones and Nines! Does this describe how you relate to the other Ones and Nines in your workplace? What other insights have you learned about collaborating and communicating well with them? Let us know @zaengle.

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