How Enneagrams Twos and Ones Work Together

Written By Emily Kassmeier
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Twos and Ones often make great counterparts because they each offer traits the other values. Twos want to help and be liked by others. Ones are principled and resolute perfectionists. Twos value the stability and security they feel around Ones because of their consistency and integrity. Ones appreciate the awareness that Twos bring to personal interactions at work. Both types are helpful people who are often drawn to service-oriented work and are able to build strong relationships with others. Twos seek to help individual people, while Ones focus on fairness for all.


Twos are highly supportive, generous, and attentive. They use emotion to interpret the world around them, and go to great lengths to meet others where they’re at. During the course of a conversation, Twos regularly offer up words of encouragement and affirmation to compliment others and make them feel secure. Ones can strengthen their communication with Twos by getting to know them on a personal level, and encourage them to take time for themselves.

Ones are realistic and ethical. They value direct communication, and want others to be loyal and trustworthy. Centering discussions around clear directions and actionable steps comes naturally to them. They use logical and straightforward language. Twos can improve their relationships with Ones by watching for signs of stress and encouraging them to take time off to relax.


Ones prefer to focus on tasks and logic, so Twos’ strong focus on relationships may be perceived by Ones as a lack of proper boundaries. Ones may think Twos come across as intrusive, nagging, or too sensitive. They may view Twos as not being competent or serious enough to focus on what matters most. On the other hand, Twos may experience Ones as being overly critical or unfriendly, and may end up feeling unappreciated. Both types have difficulty expressing their true wants and needs, so it can be challenging for them to acknowledge their issues and work toward a resolution.

Hey, Twos and Ones! Does this describe how you relate to the other Twos and Ones in your workplace? What other insights have you learned about collaborating and communicating well with them? Let us know @zaengle.

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