Supporting the Arts through Code

The Zaengle team designed and developed a new, responsive website that takes full advantage of Artis—Naples’ wealth of visual assets and gives its team complete control of their content. The result: a website that’s as accessible and culture-rich as the organization it represents.

The Team
  • Philip Zaengle Lead Engineer

  • Derek Nelson Lead Designer

  • Jesse Schutt Engineering

  • Jacob Zaengle Front-End Engineer

  • CMS Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • UI Design
  • HTML / JS / CSS
  • Client Training
  • Ongoing Support

“Not only is this great code, there is a refreshing focus on speed and security. Zaengle truly believes in making the web a better place.”

Drew Harkey

Artis—Naples Web Developer

Engineered for Engagement

Artis—Naples knew they needed to drastically improve their website. Their old site wasn’t responsive, it was built on flat HTML files, and content was hard to find, particularly event info. With thoughtful design choices and airtight code to support it, we made the new site far easier to navigate. Users can now view all events, filter by event type, and get a quick glance at the campus calendar. We improved search quality, surfacing suggested results with a “Did you mean...” prompt in case of misspellings. We integrated Tessitura software to let users make a donation or purchase without leaving the site.

And with the new responsive design, every site visitor can fully engage with the site no matter their location or device—a boon for metrics like time on site, bounce rate, and purchases

Designing for Beauty

First impressions are everything. The old site wasn’t aesthetically reflective of either the Artis—Naples campus or its artwork, making a new, thoughtful design essential for the organization’s brand.

  • Navigation
  • Design


We created a design system based on a stately aesthetic that showcases Artis—Naples’ considerable visual assets, and built the site to support Retina displays to do these assets justice on devices with high-quality displays, like iPhones.

Results & ROI

With the redesigned, bounce rates have decreased significantly, and online conversions have increased by 130%. People are exploring the site longer and making purchases that bring them to the Artis—Naples campus: dual successes befitting an organization with many stories to tell.