The Heritage Foundation is perhaps the most prominent conservative organization in the United States. We’ve been working with Heritage Action, The Heritage Foundation's grassroots action arm for over 6 years. Heritage Action commissioned Zaengle to redesign Scorecard and integrate the tool into the full website, focusing on scalability, performance, and user experience.

The Team
  • Philip Zaengle Strategy

  • Jesse Schutt Lead Engineer

  • Jason VanLue Design & User Experience

  • Craft CMS
  • Laravel
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom API

"Hiring Zaengle is the best decision we've made, and Scorecard is the best piece of Heritage Action's digital presence."

Ian Artinger

Digital Director

Measuring Congress

For almost a decade the Heritage Action Scorecard has functioned as a leading resource for Hill staffers, lobbyists, and concerned citizens to measure the conservative values of Congress. Heritage Action monitors Congressional votes, selects specific votes, and tracks Members’ voting history over time. As votes are tallied, Congressional Members receive a score that reflects how conservative a Member is both historically and over specific issues.

Data-Driven Accountability

Accurate data is the backbone of Scorecard both on the front-end and on the back-end. On the front-end we were concerned with performance and user experience. We engineered a system that supports the vast number of bills, votes, and member data through custom VueJScomponents and a modular Tailwind CSS framework.

The result is a user experience that achieves three primary goals:

  1. Find your representatives
  2. Easily access member scores
  3. Take action

Smart Representation

We engineered a user experience that uses Facebook authentication or zip code search to accurately find your members of Congress. Once you've found your members of Congress, we made sure you were able to intuitively find their score, and how they measure up. Action is directly tied to a member's profile so it's easy to both praise or challenge your members' voting record.

Scalable Scoring

In addition to improving on performance and UX, Zaengle was tasked to build a scalable platform that helps the internal Heritage Action team update and manage Scorecard data. We engineered a Laravel-based API that is used to assemble data — we collect legislator data from Quorum and voting data from Pro-Publica, and process both through Heritage Action’s scoring algorithm to create scores.

Once scores are created they are sent to a Craft CMS front-end through a custom engineered Craft plugin that communicates with the Laravel application. The Craft front-end communicates via oAuth with the Laravel application for dynamic data, such as congressional comparisons, or group averages. Where vote data or legislator data is incomplete, Heritage Action has the ability to manually edit and upload data.