Achieving Dreams Through Code

After launching an unsuccessful redesign with another web agency, Kobalt’s Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Wright engaged Zaengle for a full website redesign and development. We focused on providing a rich user experience, scalable content management system, and modular content & design libraries.

The Team
  • Philip Zaengle Lead Engineer

  • Jesse Schutt Engineering

  • Jacob Zaengle Front-End Engineering

  • Derek Nelson Design

  • User Experience
  • UI Design
  • Technical Architecture
  • Craft CMS Engineering
  • HTML / CSS

Re-Designing for Impact

To match Kobalt’s innovative technology platform, Zaengle was challenged to create a design that was modern, flexible, and fit within brand standards. We engineered a modular design library that gives the Kobalt team capabilities to build rich content pages easily while ensuring a unique look depending on the type of content displayed.

Scalable Content Management

We engineered the Kobalt Music website on Craft CMS which provides the most robust content management tools for the Kobalt team. The system supports static content pages, or more modular pages with rich content. Additionally, Zaengle engineered an internal software tool to manage and display Kobalt’s roster of creators that interacts with a JSON file API.

Achieving Dreams Through Code

Kobalt Music has built a global reputation of supporting and championing artists, and the website redesign needed to put artists first. Kobalt Music was extremely pleased with Zaengle's quality of design & engineering, and has seen significant internal efficiencies in content management. We're proud to help musical artists achieve their dreams through design and code.