Find Work Through Code

How do you find meaningful projects and great talent? Through your network. We collaborated with Dan Mall at SuperFriendly to build SuperBooked, a bootstrapped SaaS product that makes it easy to find and share work.

The Team
  • Philip Zaengle Lead Engineer

  • Dan Mall Design

  • Garrett St John Engineering

  • Jesse Schutt Engineering

  • Jacob Zaengle Front-End Engineering

  • SaaS Product Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Product Design
  • User Experience
  • Laravel Engineering
  • VueJS
  • HTML / CSS

SuperBooked is the perfect community of trusted connections I could recommend to my clients and who would pass on interesting projects to me when they're not available. It’s exactly what I never knew I've always wanted.”

Sara Souiedan

Front-End Developer

The Good Problem of "Too Busy"

The tech industry is known for its buzzwords, but no words are said more than “busy” and “available.” Agencies may or may not be available to take on new clients. Independent contractors—like the designers, developers, and writers we occasionally work with—may or may not be available to take on a new project.

A key feature of SuperBooked is the busy/available toggle—so key, in fact, that we incorporated it into the SuperBooked logo. Busy users won’t be bothered with projects they can’t take, and when their availability opens up, all it takes is a toggle flip to let their connections know. We wish this feature were available in real life.

Designing With Delight

We build apps that are a joy to use, and SuperBooked wasn’t about to be the exception. Our design team of Dan Mall and Derek Nelson created an unexpected, purple-and-green color scheme and chunky, sans serif lettering that make SuperBooked a joy to engage with. Copywriter Mary van Ogtrop brought delight to the micro-est of microcopy and gave SuperBooked the upbeat voice we were looking for. We had fun working together, and that’s reflected in the app itself.

A Different Kind of Client

As a web engineering firm, we’re well versed in building something for, and with, a client. But since SuperBooked was a product of our own making, our client was Superbooked's users...essentially, our customers. Our design, engineering, and business hats were necessary throughout the process.

  • Product Strategy
  • Visual Styles
  • Engineering

Product Strategy

Critical choices about the app’s functionality were on us: Is the UX intuitive? Will this feature get used? How can we make SuperBooked essential to its users? Usability informed all our final decisions, from the features we built to the code we wrote. If SuperBooked feels usable, it will be useful.

Visual Styles

We were responsible for everything in the app including the product's visual language. We designed a comprehensive UI component library and style guide to ensure visual consistency and a delightful user experience.


Our engineering team, with equal doses persistence and ingenuity (and many :confetti: updates in Slack), engineered SuperBooked to update in real time, with constantly refreshing content like the news feed, busy/available statuses, and new opportunities based on a user’s skill set. The best apps are dynamic and dependable; we made sure that’s true for SuperBooked's users every time they log in.

Honestly can't believe it took this long for someone to build a tool like SuperBooked. It's simple, effective and affordable.


Digital Agency

Super Success

We built SuperBooked because we needed the kind of services it offers—and we weren’t the only ones. Within a few days of SuperBooked being announced to the world, nearly 1,000 people asked to join, telling us the app is “exactly what I’m looking for” and “a very, very good idea.” We’re super excited to deliver.