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AJ Penninga

AJ Fun 1
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  • 14

    times all american swimmer

  • 4


  • 229

    hours in Rocket League

  • 14

    years married

About AJ

Lives in Michigan

AJ likes to think about the way things work.

A tinkerer and problem solver before Construx and dial-up BBS were a thing, he enjoys putting pieces together—a philosophy that applies whether he is framing together a home office or constructing content and design systems here at Zaengle.

AJ has been delivering quality content management systems since the days of Movable Type, and he now builds with Craft, Statamic, TailwindCSS, and Vue.js.

Outside of work, AJ is an avid photographer; mostly of the night sky or his four children. In his limited spare time, he teaches swimming lessons.

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