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A Chain React(ion)

Build Scalable and Seamless User Experiences Using the Most Popular Javascript Library

Expert React Developers

Building with the most popular JavaScript library on the market.

There are plenty of ways to create powerful user experiences for your website or web app. Our philospohy is to understand your needs and business goals before deciding on the tech stack, but clients often come to us with specific tech in mind. And React is no exception.

Over the years, we’ve used React to engineer custom user experiences for various projects, including building the frontend for a Contentful website that markets a SaaS product, a new frontend build for a travel app, and a dynamic quiz using Craft CMS and React.

Our experience building rich user interfaces with React, combined with our dependability and integrity, will give you the edge you need to achieve sustainable growth.

What Is React?

React is a component-based JavaScript library.

It's designed to build dynamic and functional interfaces. React is lightweight enough to create effortless user experiences, and powerful enough for complex web applications, all while supporting accessibility and scalability. Its versatility means it can be paired with a dedicated framework to extend its functionality even further. Trusted by companies like Netflix, PayPal, Airbnb, GitHub, Dropbox, along with thousands more, React is robust and efficient for building beautiful, interactive user interfaces.

Benefits of React.js:

  • The most popular JavaScript library on the market
  • Simple to use and powerful enough to support rich interactive experiences
  • Highly flexible
  • Trusted by top global companies including Netflix, Paypal, Airbnb, and more
  • Supported by a large, active developer community with an ecosystem of packages and add-ons to help you get to market quickly
  • Can be easily connected to a headless CMS
  • Functional for single-page applications as well as mobile & desktop applications
  • Can be added à la carte. For example, you can have a site built with a CMS (like Craft) and add in React wherever it's needed, without having to build the whole site as a single-page application.
  • Lightweight and performant, which helps SEO and fosters an enjoyable user experience
Why React Is Right for You

There’s no perfect framework for web applications which means there are a variety of ways for you to get your product to market.

Out of all the factors to consider, the most important decision is who you select for your engineering team. React is a favored Javascript library because it allows developers to seamlessly and quickly build interactive user interfaces, saving you time and headache.

Why React is the Right Choice:

  • If you want to make sure your web application is as reliable as possible, React supports automated testing and is designed to support a modern test-driven approach for building software.
  • If you want a scalable user experience, React combines individual components to build each page. A single file stores all of the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS needed for each component, which generates a user interface that is easily scaled.
  • If your goal is to get to market fast, React has an entire ecosystem of packages to cover common UI features to save you time and expense. Even more, React only needs JavaScript to work, which means integrating new tech with existing apps is painless.
  • If you want a reliable library with a wealth of resources, React offers a full community of developers, plus a wealth of training tools and documentation.

Considering React for your software or web application? We have an experienced, skilled team and would love to learn about your project.

We’ll show you the Zaengle “Be Nice, Do Good” difference and help you decide if React is right for your organization.