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Making a move with Fullstack Academy

What do you get when you combine one of the most respected code bootcamps, design from Focus Lab, and web development from Zaengle? Pure Craft CMS bliss.

The Story

Growing the developer community with FSA

Fullstack Academy prepares students for fulfilling careers in tech through their NYC campus, women-focused Grace Hopper Program, online learning, and more than a dozen (and counting) university partnerships . Over 800+ companies across the U.S. hire Fullstack’s graduates. Their web team is composed of marketing, content, analytics, and SEO experts with a clear vision for reaching the next generation of Fullstack students and partners. This was an extensive web development project that would take the client from Craft 2 to 3.

Site Features:

  • Super-flexible page builder
  • Multi-step forms with custom Hubspot integration
  • Automated content importing
  • Keyboard navigable mega menu
  • Custom data analytics attributes
  • WCAG 2.1 Validation

Fullstack at a glance

  • 30


    design components

  • 13

    unique page layouts

  • 1

    rad mega menu

Mega Menu

This is the most flexible menuing system we’ve ever built. It needed to have simple and complex variations, buttons, custom icons, descriptive text, and be A11Y-friendly, all while being client-managed in the CMS.


Fullstack Academy’s marketing exists to generate web leads. We used Freeform to create multi-step forms with conditional logic and sent the data to Hubspot via custom webhooks.

Fullstack Academy’s CMS page builders are incredibly powerful and flexible. We gave the client control over component placement, background colors, light & dark page themes, optional nav menu for lead pages, buttons, forms, and more.

From Fullstack Academy

We needed a Craft CMS developer to build a scalable platform that would support our future growth. We've been thrilled with Zaengle's work, which has driven performance gains in conversion and engagement while increasing content creation ease and efficiency.

Brad Hess

Director of Performance Marketing

If you have a website or software product that needs development, we would love the opportunity to connect with you.