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By Emily Kassmeier

Introducing the Zaengle Zeitgeist

The Zaengle Zeitgeist is a monthly newsletter that gives an inside look at our happenings at Zaengle.

It's where you can first hear about what we're up to and get your hands on resources we hope you'll find helpful. It’s short and sweet, and we think you’ll like it.


/ The spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.​

Here’s a glance at what you’ll find in future editions:

  • What we’re listening to, reading, and creating
  • Tips on how remote teams can work better, together
  • Insights into best practices for the web
  • Resources for growing successful creative businesses
  • Glimpses of organizations and individuals embracing the Be Nice, Do Good philosophy

The first edition of the Zaengle Zeitgeist is going out soon. Subscribe below to get on the list.

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By Emily Kassmeier

Project & Marketing Manager

Emily can often be found reading, enjoying the outdoors with her dog, and trying to keep her houseplants alive.