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By Emily Kassmeier

Zaengleverse in 2023

I blinked and suddenly we’re at the close of another year.

In 2023, the Zaengle team stayed plenty busy with shipping code, supporting clients, refining our processes, and dropping our latest music recommendations in our #water-cooler channel in Slack.

No matter how quickly the days keep flying by, our mission as a team still remains the same — to do the best work we can and treat people with kindness along the way.

Or in other words: Be Nice, Do Good.

Before the Zaengle team winds down for a (well-deserved) break at the end of the month, we always spend some time reflecting on and celebrating our wins from the Zaengleverse in 2023.

Zaengstats for 2023

  • 14 new projects or major version releases shipped
  • 1 new internal SaaS product (launching soon!)
  • 2,275 client blog posts migrated from WordPress to Craft CMS
  • 860 products imported from a client's legacy system to their new e-commerce site
  • 7,797,915 assignments created by teachers in Garbanzo
  • 8 open source packages published
  • 83,510 Slack messages sent
  • 292 Loom videos recorded by Patrick
  • 148 virtual team meetings
  • 6 Zaengsters got together in Georgia for ZaengleCon

While wrapping up the year, the Zaengsters also shared our favorite albums to listen to while we’re working — maybe these can help carry you through the remaining few workdays of 2023.










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By Emily Kassmeier

Project & Marketing Manager

Emily can often be found reading, enjoying the outdoors with her dog, and trying to keep her houseplants alive.