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By David Lindahl

Why We Love Statamic CMS

At Zaengle, we are certified web development partners for only two content management systems—Craft CMS and Statamic.

Statamic is one of the world's best CMS platforms, and we love deploying it for our clients.

If you need Statamic web development, or have questions about the Statamic platform, please get in touch.

Here are the reasons why we love Statamic . . .

Statamic is:

  • ⚡ Fast, functional, and beautiful
  • 👨🏻‍💻 Easy on developers for coding
  • ✍️ Even easier on content managers for managing
  • 🏚 Start simple and small then build complexity as you go
  • 🌴 Version control and easy backups
  • 💰 No hidden costs, no bloat, and there's a great marketplace with extras
  • 💰 Low cost of ownership: cost effective with a one time cost and cheap deployment
  • 🔒 Security is a priority and the core software is maintained by one team and there's no database to allow for SQL injection

Statamic is great for...

Non-technical users:

  • Remember in college when you wrote a paper and saved "rough_draft_1", "rough_draft_2", and so on? Publishing on the web doesn't have to be that way. Statamic has the best revision history this side of the Rhine—restore prior versions, work on drafts, and publish whatever, whenever
  • Content management via the control panel is industry leading:
    • Live preview so there's no more guessing what the page will look like
    • Real time multi-user editing so you know when team members are constantly erasing what you are typing
    • All the standard content management things like editing, creating, and scheduling content
    • Responsive Control Panel so you can edit and update from your phone, tablet, spouse's phone, dentist's waiting room, etc
  • Ultimate control:
    • 40+ fieldtypes to give you flexibility to control things like dates, dropdowns, selectors, etc
    • Opportunity to be very extensive, custom, yet confined where you want to be
    • Build pages using content blocks with the easy to use Bard drop and drag page builder
    • Easily build out navigation in the Control Panel
  • Super fast website load speeds that kickstarts your developer down the path for better SEO and performance
  • One time charge for the software built by a nimble, dedicated team
    • There are no hidden costs
    • Wide pool of developer talent to work on your site
    • Your developers will love you because Statamic is easy to learn and fun to build
  • Highly secure due to static files and no database (no opportunity for SQL injections)
  • Statamic scales with your business
  • Mature software, having been around for 7 years and currently on major version 3

Web developers

  • Statamic is a Laravel app so you change anything in the backend like you would with Laravel
    • Use Composer to install and manage dependencies, just like you would with any Laravel project
  • Statamic Control Panel is built in Vue
    • Add, update, or rework it however you wish
  • Statamic content is all in the files
    • Edit the content in your editor (or in the CP). Having the content in YAML files gives you tons of control and makes it as easy to use as any codebase.
  • Useful, comprehensive, interesting, and funny docs
  • Beautiful UI that will inspire you to greatness
  • Flat file based:
    • Version control every single thing via git
    • Highly editable, portable files
    • There's no database to manage to minimize 'head against wall' situations
    • Easy to control files in batches
    • Website performance is high, already letting you go fast quickly
  • Bard allows for ultimate client control—build as many custom components as you like for the content manager to drop into pages easily
  • At its core Statamic can just be HTML/CSS with some sprinkles of Antlers templating language. There's no learning some random new language if you don't want to.
    • Grab your markup and drop it in allowing for easy migration
    • Antlers is easy to use and easy to pickup with anyone familiar with templating. It also has great documentation
  • Go headless! Build out whatever front-end your heart desires and then use the Statamic control panel for the content
  • Static Site Generator: If you are into the SSG bullet train, this is an option as well. Deploy via static deployment tools like Netlify for ultimate control and price affordability
  • Errors are easy to read allowing for quick debugging
  • There's a free personal tier for your own side projects, personal portfolio, or if you want to kick the tires
  • Open source
  • Easy to drop in third party add-ons via the marketplace, which has everything you would want without bloat
  • Caching is built in and easy to enable
  • Media Management:
    • Images Focal point cropping is native and quite nice
    • Media can be structured into folders and limited to certain content

Who else uses Statamic?

Statamic is beloved by small indie SaaS companies, huge multinational publishing corporations, and international superstars. Statamic websites serve millions of customers each month, each in their own high performance and unique experiences. Statamic customers include:


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By David Lindahl

David enjoys watching footy, jamming on e-commerce, being a girl dad, playing tug with his dog, and taking photographs of Pacific Northwest-y things like trees — often all at the same time.