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By Patrick Sheffield

What to Expect When Your Agency Hires Our Agency

We get a certain type of email a few times a year from a company we’ve never worked with before.

It’s usually a large multi-service agency with a great in-house dev team.

They’ve just been asked to tackle a new project, usually for a long-term client, and they want to do the work. But the timeline is aggressive and their in-house team is booked. They want to know if we can help and they have no backup plan. If we say no they may lose the work.

Subcontracting with a development agency under these circumstances is risky. It requires trust and more than a little risk tolerance. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what to expect from Zaengle if your agency hires ours.

1. We’ll be as involved in the project as you’d like

We’re happy to play a behind-the-scenes role and simply execute the dev scope if that’s what’s required. But we’re just as comfortable playing a client-facing role. In those situations, we’ll follow your lead and work as an extension of your team. Since it’s your client, you’ll set the scope and manage the relationship, but we’re there as a resource. This leads to the second point.

2. We’ll be a true partner

When the agency-to-agency relationship is at its best, the subcontractor is the Robin to your Batman. Delivering high-quality dev work is table stakes. You can count on us to be engaged brainstormers, sounding boards, strategists, and problem-solvers. We’ll always be candid and tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not what you want to hear. This is key to building a strong long-term relationship.

3. We will NOT change our development process

Our internal dev process can’t change. We’ll join your preferred project management tool, push work to your infrastructure, and generally adopt as much of your preferred way of doing things as possible. But not with programming. Like you, we have a way of doing things that works well for us. It allows us to produce high-quality work we can stand behind, so we adhere to that process on every project. This hasn’t ever been a problem on past projects, but it’s important to know upfront.

4. We’ll always make you shine

When an agency hires us to do a job, we know we’re not the stars of the show. Our goal is to make you shine for your client. If we deliver great work on time and on budget, are easy to work with, and care about your client as much as you do, your client will love you for it. And odds are you’ll call us the next time you need some extra hands.

Some of our favorite projects over the years came from an agency-to-agency relationship. It’s an important part of our business and we’re always looking for new partners for Craft CMS and Laravel projects. Get in touch with us to schedule an intro call.

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By Patrick Sheffield

Director of Operations

Patrick embodies our Be Nice, Do Good philosophy with a blend of buttoned-up professional and southern hospitality.